Sunday, November 23, 2008

Crackers, Cheese, Chocolate, and Nuts

Okay, more reviews from the food gift basket my brother sent me. Last night I was really puking up a storm. Makes me wonder if he had the stuff laced with something so I would definitely throw up what he gave me and be able to review it. Sometimes I can't tell what is coming up, but last night there was major puke volume. Don't know why sometimes I heave and heave and only get bile and other times so much comes out in such force that it spews out my nose too. But I digress...

Crackers and cheese. Let's be specific: Haute Cusine brand certified organic stoned wheat roasted garlic with sun dried tomato crackers and Brie cheese spread. This is tough to rate, but I am going to say blue. The crackers were horrible going down so what do I really expect when they come up? Cardboard tastes better. They did have a nice texture though, and with enough Brie on them, you couldn't taste the crackers, just get the crunchy texture and the cheesey taste. Coming up the crackers had that mushy texture that balls together and can gag you, but that is common for me and crackers. The cheese was pretty tasty though.

Lindt Excellence Intense Dark 70% Cocoa Chocolate is a definite green. I love chocolate. It comes up almost as rich and dark and chocolatey as it is going down.

Evergreen Oregon Hazelnuts rate a blue. They didn't taste bad coming up, they didn't really taste period. They were good going down and the texture coming up was a little gritty, but not something that you need to avoid.

I still have the hot chocolate to try and review. I am sure my brother is holding his breath hoping that it comes up. Wouldn't it be said if it stayed down and I couldn't review it?

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Sarasnee said...

Eating nuts during certain point in pregnancy increases the odds of your kid being allergic to nuts. My significant other is deathly allergic to all tree nuts (peanuts are legumes), and it's because his mom ate pistachios during pregnancy. It's a recent (1995?) finding so I thought I would spread the word. Good luck with the morning sickness!!