Sunday, January 25, 2009

And How Do You Do That?!?

I am getting ready to travel back to Japan with my two boys. Justin is 25 months and Ryan is 7 weeks. My mom is going with me, which is a HUGE help. Traveling with Justin can be hard enough! I have read some helpful hints about making traveling less stressful. My favorite tip is to get a flight that is during your child's nap time so he will sleep through the trip. So it takes me an hour to get to the airport, I need to get there an hour early, the first flight is an hour, I have a couple of hour layover, the next flight is nine hours, figure another hour to get luggage and move through customs, another hour to get home. Obviously neither of my kids will sleep that whole time. Even for a "short" flight how would you manage it. That is a ridiculous suggestion.

I am SO not looking forward to this trip. I hate lugging a carseat (or two), a stroller, a diaper bag, a carry-on, and two boys. I don't know which is harder, the one who can't even sit on his own or the one who will alternately run and fling his body on the floor. I will have some baby formula too, which is fun to pull out for security. Sigh. At least I don't have to go through Seattle this time. I had the WORST experience going through customs and re-entering security. The TSA people were rude, impatient, and the opposite of helpful.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I know the pie post probably sounds like the Thanksgiving post. In a way it is. Thanksgiving was a good meal, but not very exciting in terms of puke. The tastes kind of mix together. I expected to have strong cranberry overtone tastes, but did not. I had turkey, stuffing, potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, corn, cranberries, rolls, sparkling cider, pie, and ice cream. So sad that there is nothing to report. I suppose I need to give Thanksgiving Dinner a green rating because to be able to eat that variety and quantity without any negative feedback is truly amazing. Nothing came out the nose either.

I hope not to have any puke experiences for awhile. After the birth of my first child I went almost 14 months (when I got pregnant again) without throwing up. That likely means the end of the Daily Barf Bucket, unless someone else wants me to add them on to add their own tales.

It was suggested that perhaps recording Ryan's birth on the Daily Barf Bucket (as opposed to noodlesandrob) would be fitting. Ryan came out from the other end though. Oddly enough, once I got my epidural not only did the pain go away, but so did the nausea. I didn't vomit through labor with this one. Once the epidural kicked in I felt better than I had for nine months. If only I could have gone through pregnancy drugged up.

To anyone with morning sickness I wish you good luck. The baby is worth it. Two boys is enough for me. I am done with the adventure of pregnancy.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hurrah for the Pumpkin Pie!

Did you know that if you have pumpkin, apple, and cherry pie at the same time and then throw them all up that cherry is the strongest flavor? Even though I saw evidence of the others, I could only taste the cherry pie. It receives a green. It was pretty tasty both ways.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Crackers, Cheese, Chocolate, and Nuts

Okay, more reviews from the food gift basket my brother sent me. Last night I was really puking up a storm. Makes me wonder if he had the stuff laced with something so I would definitely throw up what he gave me and be able to review it. Sometimes I can't tell what is coming up, but last night there was major puke volume. Don't know why sometimes I heave and heave and only get bile and other times so much comes out in such force that it spews out my nose too. But I digress...

Crackers and cheese. Let's be specific: Haute Cusine brand certified organic stoned wheat roasted garlic with sun dried tomato crackers and Brie cheese spread. This is tough to rate, but I am going to say blue. The crackers were horrible going down so what do I really expect when they come up? Cardboard tastes better. They did have a nice texture though, and with enough Brie on them, you couldn't taste the crackers, just get the crunchy texture and the cheesey taste. Coming up the crackers had that mushy texture that balls together and can gag you, but that is common for me and crackers. The cheese was pretty tasty though.

Lindt Excellence Intense Dark 70% Cocoa Chocolate is a definite green. I love chocolate. It comes up almost as rich and dark and chocolatey as it is going down.

Evergreen Oregon Hazelnuts rate a blue. They didn't taste bad coming up, they didn't really taste period. They were good going down and the texture coming up was a little gritty, but not something that you need to avoid.

I still have the hot chocolate to try and review. I am sure my brother is holding his breath hoping that it comes up. Wouldn't it be said if it stayed down and I couldn't review it?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm Back

Okay, so I haven't done any reviews in awhile. Give a sick pregnant lady a break! Plus it is hard to get them in with my lovely helper, Justin, awake. He would rather watch children's songs on YouTube. In preparation for the new baby we have moved Justin's bed into the computer room. It can be a bit tricky to get much computer work done now. Enough excuses though. My brother sent me a gift basket with foods to review. How ungrateful would I be if I didn't let him know how they come up?

Chocolate Creme Wafer Cookies rate a blue. The taste is rich and chocolaty, but parts of the wafer weren't completely moist (not sure how that is possible) and have a bit of a rough texture.

Seattle Chocolate Assorted Chocolate Truffles are a green. Yum! I enjoyed the texture better while chewing them to go down, but coming up the texture was fine and the taste just as delicious.

There are still other things for me to eat, puke, and review, but that is what I have so far. Note: Included in the basket was some smoked salmon. That I will not review. I don't want to eat it and definitely don't want it to come back up. Yuck! I don't like fish. My father has offered to take it off my hands. While he will enjoy eating it, he has no plans to puke it back up in order to rate it.

Oh, in case it isn't obvious, tootsie rolls and pink lemonade are a definite red no-no. If fact, pink lemonade in general is not so great coming back up. Halloween candy in general is a green. If you like it going down, you will probably enjoy it coming up, just chew well.

And now a little deviation from food reviews, but still puke related. The other day I was puking in a public restroom and remembered how much I hated having to do that in China. It is so nice to have a nice toilet instead of a hole in the ground. Puking (and peeing) in public restrooms in China and Japan can be difficult. When you squat it can be difficult to get up without losing your balance. Plus the up and down can make me nauseous and cause a vicious puke cycle. The smell in some of the toilets in China was pretty rank too. So, if you are puking your guts out and have a "normal" toilet, remember how lucky you are.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

What Color Are Your Veggies?

As a child what color broccoli is and you will probably be told that it is green. I beg to differ. Raw broccoli is most definitely red. I don't know that I have to explain that one. Chances are you have burped up raw broccoli taste. Puking it up is much, much worse AND the little green parts feel yucky and get stuck in your teeth. If you are going to eat broccoli and puke, go for cooked or at least make sure you have a good dipping sauce!

Random Rambling: Philosophy of Puke

I am five weeks from my due date and have gained 40 pounds. First trimester I lose weight, but then I pack it on. How is this possible with so much puking? I think I have made it an art form.
(1) After first trimester needing to puke is a lot like needing to pee. You know you have to, but it isn't necessarily urgent and can be put off for a certain amount of time. Try not to puke right after eating. Wait as long as you can, but not too long. Also, just like you might go to the bathroom before a long car drive even though you don't necessarily need to, a good pre-meal puke can help delay the next puke in many cases.
(2) Avoid eating and drinking at the same time. I don't know why, but for me this is a recipe for disaster.
(3) Try carbonated drinks. For me this works better. I think it is because I don't drink them as fast. I also don't tend to drink as much because the carbonation fills my stomach. If you have good self-discipline you are probably fine with just drinking slowly and little bits at at time. I have a hard time with that though.
(4) Go for the "good stuff" if you want. Pie tastes a whole lot better than broccoli when it comes up. Enjoy!
(5) Have that second (or third) piece of cake. Hey, some is going to come up anyway, right? Might as well.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A1 Is Not Always #1

I didn't think it was possible, but A1 is not always so great. I have had steak several times while pregnant, and pour on the A1. I am all about the sauce on things. In fact, sometimes food is just a means to get the sauce into my system. I haven't had problems with A1, but last night I was puking up dinner and A1 came spewing out my nose. It burned! Hopefully this will not be a recurring problem. I fear that A1 is yellow because I have learned you have to use a little restraint. So sad.

I was hoping to be able to review puking up of Wendy's Buffalo Chicken sandwich. I quite enjoyed it going down. When dinner came up I saw and tasted fries, ketchup, lettuce, and cake. Remarkably I could find no trace of the chicken. I don't understand. They were all eaten together, why wouldn't they come up together? Yet another mystery of puking.