Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A1 Is Not Always #1

I didn't think it was possible, but A1 is not always so great. I have had steak several times while pregnant, and pour on the A1. I am all about the sauce on things. In fact, sometimes food is just a means to get the sauce into my system. I haven't had problems with A1, but last night I was puking up dinner and A1 came spewing out my nose. It burned! Hopefully this will not be a recurring problem. I fear that A1 is yellow because I have learned you have to use a little restraint. So sad.

I was hoping to be able to review puking up of Wendy's Buffalo Chicken sandwich. I quite enjoyed it going down. When dinner came up I saw and tasted fries, ketchup, lettuce, and cake. Remarkably I could find no trace of the chicken. I don't understand. They were all eaten together, why wouldn't they come up together? Yet another mystery of puking.

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