Thursday, October 30, 2008

What Color Are Your Veggies?

As a child what color broccoli is and you will probably be told that it is green. I beg to differ. Raw broccoli is most definitely red. I don't know that I have to explain that one. Chances are you have burped up raw broccoli taste. Puking it up is much, much worse AND the little green parts feel yucky and get stuck in your teeth. If you are going to eat broccoli and puke, go for cooked or at least make sure you have a good dipping sauce!

Random Rambling: Philosophy of Puke

I am five weeks from my due date and have gained 40 pounds. First trimester I lose weight, but then I pack it on. How is this possible with so much puking? I think I have made it an art form.
(1) After first trimester needing to puke is a lot like needing to pee. You know you have to, but it isn't necessarily urgent and can be put off for a certain amount of time. Try not to puke right after eating. Wait as long as you can, but not too long. Also, just like you might go to the bathroom before a long car drive even though you don't necessarily need to, a good pre-meal puke can help delay the next puke in many cases.
(2) Avoid eating and drinking at the same time. I don't know why, but for me this is a recipe for disaster.
(3) Try carbonated drinks. For me this works better. I think it is because I don't drink them as fast. I also don't tend to drink as much because the carbonation fills my stomach. If you have good self-discipline you are probably fine with just drinking slowly and little bits at at time. I have a hard time with that though.
(4) Go for the "good stuff" if you want. Pie tastes a whole lot better than broccoli when it comes up. Enjoy!
(5) Have that second (or third) piece of cake. Hey, some is going to come up anyway, right? Might as well.

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