Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Good and the Bad

My wonderful husband sent me a box of Leonidas Belgian chocolate. It is my favorite kind, and if you haven't ever had it, your life is not complete. I LOVE dark chocolate, and this was a dark chocolate assortment. Yum! I was wondering, what will this be like coming back up? Still heavenly! The texture is not the same and I can't slowly savor it, but the taste is still delicious. Could tasting the same chocolate twice be a perk of being pregnant? I wonder how many of the calories I lose? While those are positive aspects, I still hate being pregnant. I can't wait for this baby to be born!

I also ate some mashed potatoes and gravy recently. Yuck! They came up all stuck together even though I didn't have big bites. They felt like they got stuck right at the top of my throat and then would finally come out with a big splashback effect. It's really close to a red, but I guess I will go with yellow because the taste wasn't that bad.

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la_sale_bete said...

oh, i'm so glad the chocolates made the green list! yum!