Monday, September 15, 2008

Red or Green, No In Between

Ice Cream Sandwiches, good (both ways)

Ice Cream Sandwiches with Orange Juice, bad coming up.

Guess that shouldn't be any big surprise.

Betty Crocker Cherry Chip cupcakes with Cherry frosting are good, especially the frosting. I love the cherry frosting and have been excited to see it in stores again. For awhile it was hard to come by and I really don't like strawberry. Another great combo (both ways) is double stuff oreos with the cherry frosting on it. I know, sounds odd and probably way more sugar and fat than any person needs in a snack/dessert/breakfast :) but YUMMY! It has been one of my longtime guilty pleasures. I highly recommend it. If you want to cut back on the sugar and fat a little there is always the option of regular oreos instead of double stuff, but do you really think that makes much of a difference? I say go for it.

Thumbs down on the yucky glucose drink they have you take for the gestational diabetes test. It is nasty going down and even worse coming up. I bet it would taste better if they let me have one of my double stuff and cherry frosting cookies. You would think that if I can process that okay I wouldn't need to go the gross drink route. I wonder if anyone has thought of making different options for that test. So stupid anyway because my results are going to be off since I can't keep the gross stuff down. Does anyone listen to me though? No, I am just the barfing pregnant lady.

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