Saturday, September 27, 2008

Less Fattening Potato Salad

I have a recipe for potato salad that is less fattening for you. You get fewer calories too. Basically, take your favorite kind of potato salad and vomit after you eat it. I happened to have some of my mom's potato salad, which I quite like. Coming up, it rated a blue. It is definitely much better going down, but up isn't so bad. I should have chewed the potato chunks better though. They were still a little big. The celery was chopped small enough that I didn't have any problems with those little strings. The onion wasn't too strong, but just strong enough to give it the full flavor coming up. I am not sure how the mayo would have been if it had stayed in my stomach a little longer. As for the vegetable medley and the Italian flavor shake and bake chicken, well I think the color coding speaks for itself. In all fairness, the chicken wasn't good going down so I really shouldn't expect much when it comes up.

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