Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Baby Names

Okay, while I am NOT puking I am looking at names for Baby Boy Weber the Second. I am primarily looking for names that I think sound good, but when the meaning of the name is listed right beside the name, I can't help but look at it. While I may like some of the names and how they sound, do I really want to choose a name that means Hostage or Heathen? I haven't gotten to any that list the name meaning as Loser--yet.

Some of the names listed as a boy or boy/girl names have me puzzled. I think they have gotto be kidding! Some sound so girly that I think my poor son would be teased to death before making the fourth grade. I had to keep my fingers crossed as I got closer and closer to Justin's name. Had we chosen a name that meant Lumpy, round barrelmaker? Thankfully not.

Then I look at some of the spelling variations. Some suggest non-English origins and that is okay. Some might be a parent's attempt to have the child's name stand out a little and that's fine too. I am sorry to report that some just scream out illiterate parents who don't know how to spell OR typo on the part of someone. Poor kids.

I guess Justin the Second would be hard on the kid's self-esteem. Talk about living in your brother's shadow. So I will continue my quest for a name.

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