Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Salami Sandwiches Are Definitely Red

As you may have guessed, I ate a salami sandwich. To be more specific I ate a salami sandwich with swiss cheese on white bread. Luckily I did not add mustard or anything else. Now packaged salami might be okay, but salami was thick sliced salami from a large Costco salami log. It was pretty salty too. I was stupid and had a glass of water not too long after eating my sandwich. Up it all came. Yuck!

This morning I woke up while having a dream about marshmellow Peeps. The dream was about the little yellow chicks, but they come in different forms for various holidays now. While I haven't had any of them this pregnancy, I can tell you from my first pregnancy that these things are NOT the kind of treat you want coming back up. The marshmellow has a way of expanding and filling your throat and mouth as it comes back up. At one point I worried that I was going to choke and wondered if anyone had ever died from puking up a marshmellow peep before. How embarassing! I don't eat them anymore. Kind of sad too, because I used to really like them. They were best when they were just getting a little bit stale. Pregnant or not, those days are over for me.

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