Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Today's Menu: Spaghetti

Today's menu selection includes:
  1. Green salad

  2. Spaghetti

  3. Garlic Bread

Salad: I like iceberg lettuce for my salad. It has a lot of liquid and I have a hard time keeping down fluids so it helps to keep me hydrated. It does have to be chewed up well to minimize unpleasantness when coming back up. Don't really care for other lettuce if it might come back up. Some is bitter and some just has a bad texture. Cucumbers are good in the salad, especially if they are peeled. Carrots, not so good. Even well chewed they come up chunky. Use grated carrots if you wish to have them in your salad. Avoid croutons. If you have to have crunch, go for bacon bits. Really my salad consists of iceberg lettuce and cucumbers in order to get my thumbs up recommendation. Dressing can be acceptable, but use sparingly. Big reason for the green rating is the water content of the lettuce and cucumber. I look for fluids wherever I can.

Spaghetti: Avoid sauces such as alfredo. Talk about nasty curdling stuff coming up! I like spaghetti over linguine or angel hair. Red sauces are fine, which surprised me. I thought the acidity of the tomatoes would bug me, but it doesn't. I try to avoid too much garlic or sauces with chunks of things in them. Spaghetti must be chewed well into short segments. Slurping it down in long noodles might be fun, but do you really want to have it come only halfway up and have to pull the noodles up the rest of the way when they won't go up or down on their own?

Garlic Bread: This depends on a lot of factors, including how much garlic and what else might be on the bread. Make sure to chew it well. It can be pretty oily/greasy depending on the butter or spread used. Sometimes the sight of it in the toilet with all the oil separating in the water is gross even if it for some reason it doesn't taste too bad coming up. I admit garlic bread adds a lot to the enjoyment of the meal on the way down, but sometimes it just isn't worth it.

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